Fortified X operates under the fundamental belief that the pillars of security, data integrity, transparency, and user experience are paramount in any system. However, centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency (crypto) exchanges today are beset with inefficiencies like lack of liquidity, lack of transparency, security, concerns, poor user interface, insufficient regulatory oversight, high fees, price manipulation, and lack of customer support. In order to remain relevant amid the ongoing cryptocurrency revolution, cryptocurrency exchanges must continually evolve by leveraging cutting-edge technology to pioneer new innovations that drive global adoption of cryptocurrency. Fortified X aims to overcome the challenges associated with cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange achieves multi-layer security by harnessing market-leading solutions such as the combination of hot wallets and cold wallets to store and transfer digital assets, a multi-signature private key to add an additional layer of security, and integration of out-guard security layer for 24-hour monitoring. In addition, the exchange is underpinned by a robust technical architecture for greater security, speed, scalability, and innovation.

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